Ok so you’ve successfully managed to skip the booze for 7 days straight and I bet ye felt better. Equally when we finished our 7 days; we had a BYOB zoom party and we really enjoyed the drinks and the social chat at the end of it all! It was the nearest thing many of us got to socialising in the middle of this pandemic.

What next?

We’ve decided to freeze the 702 WhatsApp group – as a moment in time – and take a week off. Then most of the 702 group have signed up to the “703 Campaign”

  • 7 weeks
  • 0 booze for 3 days a week

Now I do appreciate this will seem ludicrous to most people who don’t drink at all or stick to weekends or the occasional tipple. But believe it or not, there are loads of us out there that drink most – if not every – night of the week. In fact some of us love nothing more than to drink our heads off on a Friday night or a Monday night or whatever night takes our fancy.

But in the light of “the startling” that is the Corona Virus – it’s a good time to change what we know is a bad habit. Here’s how we plan to do it;

  • Only those that did the 702 are invited to the 703 group, as we have a lovely shared history already as a team – short but sweet.
  • It will be run in the same way as the 702 campaign, with comms. via WhatsApp
  • There is discretion in terms of the days; for most people 3 days straight Mon to Wed is the preference but its up to everyone to do their own thing; to meet the target 3 alcohol free days each week
  • We’ll do a zoom party half-way through and one at the end; BYOB – we’ll enjoy that!

Why 7 weeks?

No major logic to it; pick your own time period. Conventional wisdom says it takes 21 days to break a habit so technically that’s 3 days a week x 7 weeks. But also 7 weeks seems like a good long time; if we’ve nailed it for 7 weeks, it should be something we can take forward on an ongoing basis.

Weight more of a concern – 701 it!

Many of the team don’t need support around cutting down the booze but they are more focused on cutting down on weight. They are participating in the same group – and committing to the 703 campaign but their personal goal is to lose one pound a week for 7 week’s – 701. That might seem easy but it adds up to half a stone and by sustaining the loss for 7 weeks; it should be gone for good!

Will it work?

Zero idea – all will be revealed…… this text has been written in advance of starting the 7 weeks so I’ll let you know after – watch the blog!

Why don’t ye give one of these campaigns a go – snatch something positive from the lockdown
701, 702,703 – pick one and go for it!