Harm Reduction for Alcohol

A few years back I came across this website www.hams.cc and liked it immediately. It starts with the kind of premise that you might be drinking two bottles of whiskey (or wine!) a day and want to cut down to one. There’s a lot of us out there that want to cut down – not out – our alcohol intake. But as soon as you say that, you’ll hear people saying if you’ve got to that point, you really should cut it out. But different strokes, folks.

The premise of the site is that you might have different goals and they have resources to help. The three main goals are defined as

  • Safer Drinking
  • Reduced Drinking
  • Quitting altogether

It’s a U.S. website and a lot of the articles are quite old but loads of interesting reading and if you want to get to the heart of their approach, the 17 elements (not progressive steps, you can jump in and out!) are on a video here . Worth a viewing!