Week 1 – 703

Well the good news is that everyone got through the week with no booze for 3 days. Or at least most people popped a WhatsApp  message to say they were happy they achieved it, some wouldn’t drink more than a few days a week anyway. A few were silent but the whole idea is that we can roll along together without any happy clappy crap and without naming and shaming. Its just a gentle level of support and sharing a common goal…

The general consensus was that it would be easier to just hard core through 3 days straight Mon to Wed and then be free to enjoy whatever you’re having (if only we could have a drink in a pub) from Thurs. on. Some managed to do that, others staggered it through a few extra days – and then there was me…… Monday being a sunny bank holiday, I gave myself a pass and enjoyed vino in the garden in the evening sun. Tues and Wed were 10 hour stressy workdays; got home 9pm or 10pm at night; head frazzled; felt obliged to chill out with some vino with my late dinner. Oh Christ; now it was Thurs – only 4 days left, 3 evenings over the weekend  – and 3 days of no booze to implement! Why oh why do I do these things to myself; having set up the group……… so much for leadership!

But here’s what happened…..I’m not recommending this approach btw this is just how it panned out…. I put messages out being honest with everyone letting them know I hadn’t started on my first day by Thurs morning – for me the honesty helps. That day one of the group said she’d meet me about 8pm to walk. I went straight from work and by the time I got home after 9pm, my head was clear, I felt healthier for the walk, I cooked a snack, watched tv for an hour and took a book to bed – boom; the 1st day was done. Walking in the evening and chatting with a friend is a great help (thanks!)

Friday night I went to the garden of a close neighbour for a glass of vino – at a distance – and then continued working my way through a bottle at home….. Long night short; I did open the second one and woke up wrecked;  which had one great advantage – I actually couldn’t face a drink on Sat eve…….well it’s an alternative way of encouraging yourself not to drink on a given day right? I could have enjoyed a drink Sun eve but it was the last day; it would have been a pity to fail so close to finishing the week successfully – so I played online bridge for a few hours in the evening which is a great way to pass some time; I put no limit on the amount of dark chocolate and hot coffee I could have all night; and hey presto; I crawled into bed sober; the 3 no alcohol days done.

Now I know there’s loads of beauty queens and health guru’s and even “normal people” (though not the actors – they are extraordinary, not normal!)  out there horrified by the “abuse” of my body. But this is where I’m at and if we can all have an open and honest conversation about these things in Ireland at last – it’d be refreshing, wouldn’t it (I’m thinking Prosseco😊 )