This idea came to me during the Covid lockdown when I saw one of the social media posts like the one to the right here and it struck a chord – will I need AA, Weight Watchers or both by the time we get to the “new normal”. It made me laugh – a little too hard!

I had been drinking a lotta wine at night and had put on a good few pounds. And I knew from chatting with pals and all the wine-0-clock jokes that I wasn’t alone.

I’m not great on motivation when it comes to giving up the booze and in lockdown it feels like one of our only pleasures left. But I thought….

  • First up it’d help if the period wasn’t too long; I could do 7 days flat
  • Secondly it’d help if I roped in a few pals to try it with me; for support
  • Finally, I’d lose weight with a little extra focus on the scales over the week

The fact that I put the idea “out there” also gave me extra motivation for myself; to help me to do it. All of this proved to be true and what was extra special is that the group that did it together – really enjoyed the experience and were successful

In the meantime, due to the crisis, my web development team at weren’t busy so I thought we might as well put this learning into one small website – to give others a chance to give it a go and flatten the curves together.

And when we come out of this Covid Crisis – we might avoid an alcohol or weight management issue at the end of it all.

It’s a kick-start, not a solution. But all solutions start with a first step….

Go for it and good luck!