Aout Cathy and 702

Hi there, if you are reading this then you might be wondering who or where it came from. I founded Inspiration 21 years ago and during “the startling” that is the Covid Crisis, two things came together; first up my team had some downtime which doesn’t happen often on the dev side of things. Secondly wine-o-clock was slipping back in time – from 8pm to 7pm to…. There’s been a lot of press about people drinking more during the lockdown and to be fair – who’d blame us? So I came up with the idea to stage my own “intervention” (yes- puke!) and sign up some pals to help. I’m a marketing bod so it had to have a name; thus Campaign 702 came about.

Sorry I can’t handle enquiries on this; busy saving the world working in my kitchen like everyone else – but also trying to keep the biz going. Ye don’t need to talk with me – just do it! Good Luck